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15 cool ideas and designs

that make me happy

15 ideas and designs that can inspire you.

Look at the principles and invent new things yourself.

1. Rooftile birdhouse

Keep the birds on your roof: bird’s house roofing tile by Klaas Kuiken.

Priniple: add functions

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2. Submarine design MRI for kids

Principle: making technology more human

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3. Forbidden sign

Principle: positive communication

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4. High-voltage pylons

Principle: Look for associations

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5. German artist Megx repainted a bridge in Wuppertal.

Principle: make beautiful combinations / everything is LEGO

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6. Bus stop in Montreal

Principle: add some fun in boring situations

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7. Waste bin

Principle: use colors where you don't expect

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8. Clips

Principle: unintended use

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9. Vegan Lobster

Principle: keep looking at everything with children's eyes

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10. Infographics

Principle: simplify and visualize

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11. Playpumps

Principle: gamification

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12. Biking through water (Genk, B.)

Principle: do the opposite

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13. The soccer fields on the roof of the Ikea 

Principle: combine unexpected functions

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In 2013 a sports field was opened on the roof of an Ikea store in Utrecht in the Netherlands resulting a further 12,000 sqm being added to the building’s useable area. The local authorities would not allow the centre to expand because it would have destroyed existing sporting facilities so two artificial grass pitches with a total area of ​​20,000 sqm were built on the roof of the building as well as a club room on the roof of the new car park.

14. Personalized doors for elderly care

Principle: customisation

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The labeled doors of True Doors stimulate the well-being of the elderly and people with a disability in residential and care centers. The quality of life improves. True Doors contribute to personal care. Residential and care centers feel more like home. People recognize their own front door. Reminiscence and social interaction is encouraged. Residents can show their own identity.

15. Guess what's happening here

Principle: low tech

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This is not augmented reality or a self driving experiment. Cycling activists build bamboo car skeletons to demonstrate space taken by single occupancy cars.

More visual blogposts ... some in Dutch - use Google transle ;-)
Inspiration for innovation

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