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15 principles and examples of positive communication

1. A different perspective

Change your viewpoint.

2. Every disadvantage has its advantage

Parallel road closed from 28 April. Diversion via old railway.
Additional bike time: 3 min or 22 Kcal

3. Make things with love

Creative baker Paul Vanderstraeten made a pastry during the lockdown to surprise loved ones from a distance. "Big kiss from us" - "We miss you"

4. Less is more

Less is beautiful / simplify

5. Storytelling

Super-Hero-Themed Chemotherapy for children

6. Be part of the solution, not the problem

7. Give customers multiple choices

8. Using humor

9. Give only positive news

Something Positive helps people feel more optimistic by spreading the latest good news and success stories around COVID. Try here :-)

10. Make it concrete

11. Let people use their imagination

12. Seize the moment

Snowvertising – guerilla marketing

13. Optimism

Small actions / empower people

14. With a wink ;-)

15. Make sure there are alternatives

People remain creative ... ☺️⚽️👍 Supporters are not allowed because of Corona. Then they solve it like this. German football club allows cardboard fans.

The Borussia Park will not be sold out on Saturday afternoon for the football match between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen. But the footballers will also not have to stand in front of empty stands. After all, 12,000 "cardboard friends" have already been placed in the stadium, and a total of 20,000 have been ordered. "It is fantastic. When you train in the stadium you really feel that you are not alone",

praises Borussia's trainer Marco Rose.
The idea comes from the supporters of Mönchengladbach. For 19 euros, everyone can have a photo of themselves posted on a cardboard supporter who will then be seated in the stadium. There is an enthusiastic response in the Gladbach players group. "It is a cool action and it gives a special feeling," said defender Stefan Lainer.

16. Give objects a soul

17. Small interventions - streetart

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