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Color your life

17 principles for more color in your life.

1. Fill empty spaces

2. Color cities

Our cities also need more color next to trees and parks. Hidden basketball court pressed between two bleak apartment buildings in suburban Paris.

3. Make notes in color

4. Spice up your life

5. Meet colorful friends

Bright colors park left, boring colors park right. ;-)
(via Colinda Huisman)

6. Color everywhere

DIY wallpaper

The Art of Everyday Play Published by Chronicle Books

7. Sort your books by color

8. Explore other cultures

9. Make the world greener

10. Look at the picture and quickly say the color, not the word.

11. Have fun

12. Look different

Change your viewpoint.

IKEA fills vertical wall with furniture, invites you to literally climb into bed :-)

13. Make colorful products

Lego x Adidas ;-) - beautiful combination.

14. Join a dream team

15. Make colorful meals

16. Organise in colors

Google datacenter

17. Imagination

Stay safe !

Brazil -for the first time in 100 years- cancels their Carnaval in 2021...

Powerful visual combination by @ugurgallen #covid19 #staysafe

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